Founded in 2016

We are committed to addressing the challenge of urban food deserts by transforming them into local food-producing urban ecosystems. These ecosystems empower people, local economy and food based education. We  inspire a lively food culture and create a sustainable model for urban communities. The pillars of our work are food access, nutrition education and advocating for urban agriculture legislation. 

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Staff and Advisory Board

Rachel Wenman | Co-Founder

  Rachel Wenman is a proud native of Las Vegas, thriving entrepreneur and leader in the community. Her reputation started at The Palms Hotel and Casino where she earned a significant following in nightlife and hospitality circles, at the time crowning her one of Vegas’ most successful nightlife marketers. She received many accolades and notoriety over the past 10 years for her expertise in marketing and relationship building. She has been involved in developing brands and companies in industries such as restaurants, hotel/casinos, real estate, philanthropy and technology. Rachel is currently the President + Co-Chairman of Business Advisory Board for Urban Seed Inc.   

Annmarie Feiler | Co-Founder and Executive Director

Annmarie Feiler, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Urban Seed Foundation

Annmarie Feiler is a seasoned professional and experienced leader with a proven ability to strategically design and implement successful departmental structure for world class hospitality providers for over 20 years.  Her highly innovative fundraising and strategic planning methods place an emphasis on community collaboration. Annmarie is currently directing her passion into food security solutions for and with at-risk communities. Through establishing and growing Urban Seed Foundation, she  leads our organization through a highly promising techno-philanthropic model, creating sustainable solutions and healthy communities.  Annmarie sees Urban Seed Foundation as an opportunity to prove and apply local solutions to global challenges in the food security and personal wellness areas of health and humanitarian advancement.

Keith Bell | Co-Founder

 Keith has an extensive background in mechanical engineering having worked with major corporations such as Boeing, Northrup, Nasa, Raytheon and McDonald Douglas. Mr. Bell now owns and operates two companies. One company is engaged in the design and manufacturing of specialized, environmentally- controlled containers to house satellites and flight hardware. The other company specializes in plastics and composite materials molding. Keith has studied and developed new technologies in lighting and grow systems for the produce industry. Keith is Chief Operating Officer + President of Urban Seed Technology Inc.




Jolene Mannina | Advisory Board

Vice President Urban Seed Inc.  | Culinary Advisory Board

Jolene has operated in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years in positions rangig from Captain at Commander's Palace, to creator of culinary events and television shows including Back of House Brawl andLate Night Chef Fight on A&E's FYI Network. As Culinary Advisory Board Chairperson Jolene brings her unique talent to the team, Jolene brings her deep rooted relationships in the Las Vegas culinary scene to Urban Seed Foundation's outreach. Many of these relationships make our cooking demonstrations and nutriton education programs community wide events you won't want to miss! 

Jared Krulewitz | Advisory Board

Vice President Marketing | Urban Seed Inc. 

Jared Krulewitz is a proud Las Vegas native who has a passion for farming and philanthropy. With his background in Civil Engineering and combined it with his love for marketing and brand storytelling. This powerful union of logic and creativity makes Jared's contribution to Urban Seed Foundation invaluable. 

Nicole Cauchois | Advisory Board

Nicole is a brilliant mind a committed humanitarian for all people. She has earned her undergraduate degree from UNLV in Human Services Counseling and her master’s degree from UNLV in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  A Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC), a Clinical Professional Counselor (CPC), a National Certified Counselor (NCC), and a Board Certified - TeleMental Health Provider (BC-TMH). Nicole has spent many hours in the service of enriching humanity, especially where at-risk circumstances are present. Her vast knowledge of mental health, with a committed focus on wellness and success, are an asset to all of Urban Seed Foundation's planning and programming throughout the year.

Nicole is an instructor in the Counselor Education Department at UNLV, and has worked in both the non-profit and private practice settings. She has specialized training in mentorship work with women, adolescents, and children. And in her spare time, she volunteer as a teen and adult personal development life coach.

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)
Safe-Talk (Trained Suicide Alert Helper)
The Rape Crisis Center - Advocacy Training
Child Assault Prevention Training
Crisis Prevention Institute Training
Parts & Memory Therapy  

Reiki 1 + 2 Certified 

Chef Mary Sue Milliken | Advisory Board

A pioneer of world cuisine since the creation of City Café and CITY Restaurant in Los Angeles in the 1980s, Mary Sue is most notably recognized as a preeminent ambassador of modern Mexican cuisine with her Border Grill Restaurants (Santa Monica, Downtown Los Angeles, LAX, Las Vegas) and Trucks. Mary Sue is proud to have been selected to serve the U. S. State Department as a member of the American Chef Corps, furthering the industry’s role in diplomatic affairs. Mary Sue spends the majority of her time thinking about food and cooks 7 days a week, whether at one of her Border Grill restaurants, Border Grill Truck or at home with her two sons and husband, architect Josh Schweitzer.

Chef Emily Brubaker | Advisory Board


Recently featured on Food Network's Chopped,  Chef Emily Brubaker grew up in La Costa, California where her love for farm-fresh food began. She attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, where her passion for nature and food continued to grow, surrounded by the ocean and abundant agriculture. 

With plenty of small farmers' markets dotting the California coast, she quickly grew to know value and quality. Chef Emily learned you don't need to over complicate a dish to make if burst with flavor. If you respect and appreciate your product with a commitment to incorporating fresh whole foods, the dishes you create will explode with taste. 

After 13 years of working at the top restaurants in Las Vegas including Joel Robuchon, Sage, Fleur De Lys, she decided to follow her love for food and community by joining Urban Seed. 

Chef Emily is passionate about bringing Urban Seed’s farm-fresh, non-GMO, nutrient-dense local food to the Las Vegas market. Chef Emily is also a proud mother of two young active children, so having daily access to local farm-fresh food is a priority for her personally, and professionally. Urban Seed and urban smart-farming will give her children and her neighborhood access to healthy, flavorful, quality food using a limited amount of resources, and that matters to Chef Emily!  


Fresh-food: Access and affordability

 Urban Seed Foundation is working to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food and information to make healthy decisions. We support community sustainability by advocating for consistent access to locally grown produce.  In partnership with like-minded local organizations we create solutions which include improving food environments, and causing food access hubs to develop in at-risk neighborhoods. A hub may be a school garden, a pop-up community farmers market, a fresh-food bank, a fresh-food delivery service to partner agencies and human services organizations.    

Human Services: Creating a lively food culture

 Urban Seed Foundation is in service to our community members from the pre-natal stage through high school, and beyond.  Our systematic and scalable approach to ending food deserts involves causing a critical change in what people know, the way people think, and the choices people make with regard to fresh food. We create a sustainable lively food culture with at-risk neighborhoods in Las Vegas - and in doing so we create a powerful and collaborative model for urban communities to actually transform their food deserts into thriving food accessible communities.   

Nutrition Education: Its a win-win

Student and individual benefits include education and experience in conserving natural resources; elevating personal health and nutrition; personal empowerment and responsibility. Curriculum relating to our programs is designed to encourage and cultivate the next generation of the agricultural industry; and to promote increased public health and well being.  Community benefits include community-member comraderie; capacity-building of community organizations and coalitions; fostering economic impact; increased foot-traffic in urban neighborhoods; cultivate local, citywide, statewide and global sustainability and prosperity. 

STEM: Urban Seed Foundation + Smart Farming Technology

 Urban Seed Foundation’s launch is at an auspicious time in the farming industry. Our emergence into the Las Vegas scene is well coordinated with highly technological advancements in smart-farming. We are fortunate to have a committed long term partnership with technology company and smart-farmer, Urban Seed Inc. (, Las Vegas’ revolutionary provider of locally sourced, aeroponically grown nutrient-dense  produce. For the first time in history, an abundant volume of nutrient dense produce will be grown right in the heart of the city. Urban Seed Foundation's internship curriculum is currently in development with our partners at Urban Seed Inc, and Urban Seed Technology.   

Advocating for Urban Agriculture


Annmarie Feiler | Urban Seed Foundation sits on the Governor's Council on Food Security for the State of Nevada.   Governor Brian Sandoval issued an Executive Order on February 12, 2014 establishing the Governor's Council on Food Security within the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Food Security. The Council was created to implement the goals of Food Security in Nevada: Nevada's Plan for Action and effectively improve the quality of life and health of Nevadans by increasing food security throughout the State.

A Community Needs Assessment published in 2012 by the Grants Management Unit identified hunger and access to food as a top priority across the State of Nevada. To address this issue, a steering committee comprised of representatives from several State departments and the food safety network was convened to develop a strategic plan with goals and objectives intended to increase food security in Nevada. The Office of Food Security was created within the Director's Office of the Department of Health and Human Services to provide leadership in attaining the goals identified in the strategic plan.

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Chef Mary Sue Milliken on the Importance of Nutritious Food

USF is a component fund of the Nevada Community Foundation


Urban Seed Foundation is a component fund of Nevada Community Foundation (EIN 88-0241420), a recognized  public charity under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. USF's official Governing Board is the Board of the Nevada Community Foundation. 

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