Food Deserts, Las Vegas, NV USA

There are 7 food deserts/highly food-insecure zip code areas in Las Vegas

Food Desert A low-income area with a population of 500 or more people that does not have a grocery store within one mile.   

Transforming Food Deserts into Lively Foodie Communities

That's our goal - transform all 7 of them by 2021!

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Food Insecure

A local problem with global conscequences

If humanity does not cause a dramatic shift in the default future of food insecurity in urban communities, the challenge will increase exponentially as population grows. Access to local food must grow and innovate parallel to population growth.

Local Food Production + Smart Farming

...mixed together with a heaping scoop of education and hands-on learning will cause a sustainable lively food culture in even the most at-risk communities.